What Is FUE Method?

FUE method in Hair Transplantation is the transferring operation of follicules from the donor area, like the nape and above the ear parts, to the bold parts of the head, located like inlets and crown. The hair what is transferred will remain for the rest of the lifetime. The Fue method is without cutting the scalp and only under local anesthesia. It removing one by one with very thin and special injection and punch tips smaller than 1 mm with microscopic spectacles into the completely hairless area or the area to be condensated.

The Advantages Of FUE Method?

  • High hair volumes can be reached as follicles are taken not only from the area between the two ears but also from the area above ears (all above nape). (8.000 – 15.000 hair strands in 1 session)
  • As intake operation is made by 0.7 – 0.8 mm tips and no scalpel is used, the healing of the area where the hair is taken is very quick. Your hair becomes completely normal within 7 – 10 days and you can turn back to your business and social life.
  • There’s no pain, scar and stress as there’s no surgical procedure.

As no stitches are used in this method, you don’t need to carry the stitches for 15 days and then go to a medical institution to have them removed

Treatment Plan

Stay in Turkey Minimum 2 Days
Stay in Hospital No need sleeping in hospital
Operation Type Local anesthesia
Companion Not needed. Patient can take care of herself.
Surgery Time 6 – 9 Hours (Depending on Graft Number)