Hair loss is a medical problem that women encounter very frequently. All kinds of cosmetic product are utilized in order to stop hair loss, which arises from tens of different reasons. If hair loss continues baldness occurs on the top of the head. If baldness occurred on the top of the head as a consequence of hair loss, then it’s time to have hair transplantation, because cosmetic products used after hair is lost don’t grow hair.

Hair transplantation is thought to be only for men, however it can be performed in women very successfully. The operation is carried out in its ordinary course. The grafts taken from strong follicles of the nape area are transferred into the problem area. The best aspect of hair transplantation by FUE method is that the hair to be transplanted can be transferred without being cut; in short, during the hair transplantation operation in women, hair doesn’t need to be cut. The dilution created by grafts taken from the upper nape area, as a window shape isn’t seen even if the hair is tied back. Intended thickness is provided as the transplantation is generally carried out for not loss, but for dilution in women.

Treatment Plan

Stay in Turkey Minimum 2 Days
Stay in Hospital No need sleeping in hospital
Operation Type Local anesthesia
Companion Not needed. Patient can take care of herself.
Surgery Time 6 – 9 Hours (Depending on Graft Number)