When hormon level is insufficient or in cases of scar occurrence after burns and traumas beard or moustache or sideburn transplantation is possible. As in hair transplantation, if hair doesn’t grow in face for any reason, follicles taken from nape area can be transplanted after a number of procedures. This operation of which takes a few hours is made under local anesthesia. Thus patient gets possesion of natural beard in a short time without feeling any pain.

The Stages Of Beard, Moustache, Sideburn Transplantation

1st Stage: Preparation for the Operation

Here, plottings and measurements are carried out. The condition of patient is evaluated. How many roots to be transplanted considered and operation is planned.

2nd Stage: Local Anestehesia

In this stage, the area where transplantation will be made is anesthesized for the patient to have a comfortable and painless operation.

3rd Stage: Intake of Your Follicles

Follicles to be transplanted into the beard area are taken from the donor area with the help of a very special device.

4th Stage: Opening the Canals

Here, small shafts are prepared via very thin and very special canal openers. Again, in this stage the patient doesn’t feel any pain.

5th Stage: Implantation of Your Follicles into the Opened Canals

Here, removed follicles are implanted one by one after a number of procedures into the opened canals and the patient is sent home to rest.

6th Stage: Turning Back to Normal Life

In the 3rd month following the beard transplantation, beard starts to grow and it gets completed within 1 year. The grown beard doesn’t shed again.

Shaving is possible after 20 – 25 days with electric shaving machine and after 3 month with razor blade. There isn’t any inconvenience. The results are totally natural. The first 10 days it is obvious that transplantation is made, but after the operation marks disappear no one can understand that you had beard transplantation. However, you need to comply with the care principles after you had your beard transplanted and absolutely use the medication and rest we suggest in the recovery period.

Treatment Plan

Stay in Turkey Minimum 2 Days
Stay in Hospital No need sleeping in hospital
Operation Type Local anesthesia
Companion Not needed. Patient can take care of himself.
Surgery Time 6-10 Hours (Depending on Graft Number)