How long does Hair Transplantation operation take?

It’s a procedure that takes approximately 4-10 hours which changes according to the size of the area where hair will be transplanted, skin and hair type and the technique to be performed.

Will I feel pain?

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and definitely no pain is felt.

Does transplanted hair definitely grow?

Yes, it does. Preparation of the grafts (hair mass), waiting conditions and implantation of the right technique are factors that affect the result directly and if performed well, the result is 98% successful. I Med Istanbul draw up an agreement that guarantees all transplanted hair grows 98% and its appearance will be 100% natural.

When can I turn back to normal life?

There’s no condition that impends you to go outside after the operation. First 2-3 days pink thatches are seen. Then, they slowly fade out and in a week turn back to normal condition.

Will it be obvious that I had hair transplantation?

Properly transplanted hair cannot be perceptible in any way. Therefore, operating team should be experienced. Because, the shape of the transplantation varies by the skin and hair type of the person and each should be evaluated one by one.

Who will perform the procedure? What are their experiences in this particular subject?

Your hair transplantation operation is performed by plastic surgeons with more than 10 years of hair transplantation experience and experts in their subject.

Does transplanted hair get lost in the future?

No, it doesn’t. Because, transplanted hair is taken from the area coded not to get lost and this feature is maintained in the newly transplanted area.

Will there be any inconvenient appearance or baldness in the area where hair is taken?

After recovery period is completed and your hair started to grow, the area where hair is taken will have no difference than its previous appearance.

Is hair transplantation harmful to health?

Hair transplantation doesn’t have any side effects or complications to cause trouble in the future.